If you have a car, many states in the United States require you to have specific types of car insurance. In fact, right now, you are probably wondering what the monthly car insurance payment you make is doing. You know that it costs you a lot of money every month, and you probably think of it as another bill that you wish you could get rid of. However, car insurance is important, and you should understand how car insurance works. Here are a few reasons why you should understand how car insurance works and what your state required auto insurance is:

  • You Need to Know What is Required – Every state is a little bit different in what it requires for the state minimum car insurance. That is one reason it is crucial to understand car insurance. You need to know what your state requires for auto insurance, so you can be sure you meet the state minimum requirement. If you do not meet the state requirement, there could be serious consequences like substantial fines.
  • You Need to Understand How It Is Protecting You – Many people think of car insurance as protection for their vehicle because you get it when you start driving. However, car insurance isn’t protecting your vehicle as much as it is protecting you. People never assume they will get in a car accident, but it happens. Car insurance protects you from excessive bills and expenses when you get into a car accident. Every state requires different coverage, but many states require some form of insurance for medical bills and some form of insurance for property damage or vehicle damage. These types of insurance are protecting you from having to pay for these expenses out of your pocket. It is essential to understand your individual insurance policy to understand how it protects you and what the terms and limits of it are. Then, you won’t be blindsided by expenses from a car crash that you can’t handle.

Now, you can see why it is important to understand your car insurance policy. To help you understand your policy further, we are going to check out the state required auto insurance in Florida. Learn more below.

Understanding the State Required Auto Insurance in Florida

If every state is different, what exactly does Florida require for auto insurance? Let’s find out! In Florida, you have a state minimum car insurance that includes two types of car insurance. It is required that you have both types of car insurance.

The first type of state required auto insurance in Florida is personal injury protection. Personal injury protection covers your medical expenses that result from a car Florida state minimum car insuranceaccident. In the case of personal injury protection, it does not matter who is at fault for the car crash because each person’s insurance will cover their injuries. To meet the minimum required auto insurance in Florida, you need $10,000 of coverage for personal injury protection.

The second type of car insurance required in Florida is property damage liability insurance. This type of insurance covers you when you damage other property in a car accident. Property damage liability insurance covers things such as damage to the other person’s vehicle, damage to a building or business, damage to fences, and more. Your property damage liability insurance is different from your personal injury protection insurance because property damage liability only covers you if you are at fault for the accident. If the other party is at fault, their insurance will cover the damage. However, like the personal injury protection insurance, you are required to have $10,000 of coverage for the property damage liability insurance in Florida.

Getting Car Insurance Coverage

If you are someone who does not yet have car insurance, this is something you need to purchase. Car insurance is required in Florida, and if you do not have it, you could be fined or have your license revoked.

To get car insurance, you are going to want to choose a couple of insurance companies to get a car insurance quote from. To get a quote, you will need to have some information about yourself and your car. You will need to provide the make and model of your vehicle, your age, and your zip code. This information will help you to get an accurate quote of how much car insurance will cost. Then, you can compare quotes to see which car insurance agency provides you with the best deal.

Insurance Express can help you with any questions or concerns you have about your car insurance policy. We can also help you get a state minimum car insurance quote if you are looking to switch your insurance or get insurance for the first time. Reach out to us, if there is anything we can do to help you understand your state required auto insurance.