The other day, my friend and I ran into another old friend, and we were all happy to grab lunch together and catch up. We reminisced about the good old days when we were younger and just starting out in life. We also talked about where we were present in our lives- our families, kids, and careers. My old friend told me that she worked as an insurance agent. While my other friend did have some idea about what her job entailed, she wasn’t exactly sure about what she did. After talking to her more and asking questions, she came to know a good amount about the job of an insurance agent. Here is what she found out.

What do insurance agents do?

Insurance agents work for insurance companies and talk to existing clients as well as potential new clients to increase their customer base. They get information about the clients’ coverage needs and sell them insurance. This may sound simple enough, but it actually requires agents to not only understand what their clients need but also to research policies and explain to them the options that they have. Insurance agents also make sure that policies stay current and make amendments to the policy as changes happen in life. Also, insurance is not just of one type. Insurance agents need to be well-versed in all different types of insurance such as life, property, auto, health, and casualty, besides others. While many insurance agents work for big insurance companies like our Pearl Holding Group insurance company, they also have the option of working independently.

What are the key components to be a successful insurance agent?

Since insurance agents are constantly interacting with people, having a friendly, upbeat attitude, confidence, strong knowledge of all insurance policies, and being active in expanding their customer base are some essential qualities. There is no particular educational qualification, but you can start off very well with a bachelor’s degree. Taking business, finance, and public speaking courses also help in being competent as a professional. Once hired by a company, insurance agents learn from seasoned insurance agents. Licensure is required in any state. Certification is available. At Insurance Express, car insurance including liability coverage, personal injury protection, collision insurance, and other products are offered. So we require all of our agents to be well-versed and up-to-date on all of the products we offer.

What are the pay range and qualities required?

Pearl Holding Group insuranceDepending upon their customer base and years of experience in the field, the pay range for insurance agents varies. The median income, however, is around $50,000 to $55,000 annually. The set of skills and requirements to be successful in this job include-

  • Having great analytical skills so that they are able to look at and evaluate the risks, and apply the correct insurance policies as required for clients.
  • Very good with customer service skills and making each client feel comfortable. Having a charming personality adds to the “likeability” factor and helps to gain more clients.
  • Showing the initiative and drive to find potential new clients and getting new business.
  • Having the self- confidence of not only cold-calling prospective clients but not feeling dejected by the ejection of offers.

If you feel you have these qualities as a person, then this is the job for you. The good news is also that jobs in this field are expected to grow faster than the average job through 2025.

Now that you know all about insurance agents, you can decide if this is the field for you or not. At Pearl Holding Group, auto insurance products in Florida have been provided by our company since 1991. As a client looking for insurance, you can rest assured that our high level of service is something that you will be pleased to have. Our policies are exclusively sold through independent insurance agents. Their knowledgeable advice and guidance can help you select the best insurance for your needs. All our departments are effectively managed to work seamlessly in order to provide you with the best customer service possible. We are here to provide you with the most value for your insurance dollar.