Car insurance can be expensive, especially in no-fault states, then deciding if buying roadside assistance is essential. When you need the roadside assistance, it seems more than worth the expense, some auto insurance companies offer their roadside assistance program and others recommend sister programs. Pearl Car Insurance has its brand of twenty-four hour three hundred and sixty-five day a year roadside assistance program that is easy to add on to your policy.

Some may have experienced the moment when you’re out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, and your car for whatever reason stops working. At that point, some people panic because they don’t know how to fix it or don’t have roadside assistance. Then there are those who are annoyed but can fix the issue, or they have roadside assistance coverage. So even if they have a problem, it’s more of an inconvenience than anything. For the first group though it can mean late night phone calls to friends and family, finding what funds you have available, and finding someone to tow you in the middle of the night. It might end up costing more than the roadside service would have to try to get help at that hour far from home.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance

Benefits of Roadside Assistance No-fault insurance is a policy of some states that says regardless of who caused the accident both parties are at fault. It is supposed to make sure all drivers have coverage for bodily harm (liability), and it is supposed to reduce court proceedings for auto accidents. One thing it unfortunately does is it can drive up the price of auto-insurance making it harder to afford. You can add Pearl Car Insurance roadside assistance program to any policy for a flat rate of fifty dollars for annual plans, and twenty-five dollars for six-month plans. The emergency dispatch program has no limit of disablements per policy period. The vehicle can only be serviced once per incident every seventy-two hours and only covers the car named on the insurance. The various services offered are:

  • A mechanical first aide for minor issues that can be fixed roadside
  • Tire service for help changing a flat tire
  • Battery service to give a jump to your car battery
  • Lost Key or Lock-Out Service will help with lost keys or if you lock your keys in your car
  • Roadside delivery of supplies you may need to get your car running (such as gas, oil, water, etc.)
  • Towing, if a vehicle requires a truck to tow it, the coverage will get your car pulled for free up to twenty-five miles and if you need to travel farther the insurance company bills you the difference.

Like a lot of insurance companies, Peal Holding Group has a free smartphone application (android/apple) for roadside assistance. The roadside assistance application can use GPS to pinpoint the exact location leading to quicker response time. The app, itself, is free but beware of data charges from your phone company depending on your service. The application also allows you to view your policy, make payments, and shows your policy status. It makes it easy to keep your auto insurance information at hand when needed.

Services Available with Assistance

Another thing Pearl’s roadside assistance will help with is theft and hit and run protection twenty for hours a day three hundred and sixty-five days a year. This service also includes a five hundred dollar reward for witnesses and information leading to the arrest and conviction of the other party involved. The award is given to the person only after they have spoken with and created a police report on the incident.

Services Available with Assistance One of the last features of the roadside assistance is auto rental reimbursement. If your vehicle becomes disabled due to a collision, they will pay you twenty dollars per day, for a maximum of ten days, for expenses incurred in renting a substitute vehicle. In this instance, the receipts need to be turned in, and the auto owner will receive a reimbursement check, though it does not include the amount of the actual rental.

Overall Pearl Car Insurance has a roadside assistance program that is affordable and offers all major incidents that you may need roadside assistance. Making sure you are covered and taken care of can be more comfortable and more straightforward with Pearl Car Insurance. The application for the smartphone and internet website make them accessible when you need them, especially with twenty-four hours a day and three hundred and sixty-five days a year that they cover you. So if you are not great at fixing your car, or even if you can and don’t want to do it in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, the answer is yes, you should add on Pearl Auto Insurance’s roadside assistance.