Pearl Holding Group car insurance plans are as affordable as ever. As a managing general agent operating in Florida since 1991, we proudly represent Ocean Harbor Casualty Company and Equity Insurance Company. Whether looking for individual or family umbrella automotive insurance, we offer the best plans and rates from reputable insurers. As always, we are committed to getting you the most value for your insurance dollar across the board. With a highly-dedicated team of agents, Pearl Holding auto insurance is simply committed to excellence in meeting all your car insurance needs.

Here are some of the reasons why we continue to be an industry leader in discounted insurance policies:

  • Stellar industry ratings and customer reviews for our outstanding quality and services.
  • A seasoned and reputable Underwriting and Claims Department handle all paperwork and particulars from start to finish: new policies, extended policies, insurance discounts, accident claims and much more.
  • We offer the best customer service in Florida with competitive insurance rates across the board.
  • Our insurance policies are sold exclusively via independent agents. These professionals are fully licensed and have in-depth knowledge of the automotive insurance industry.
  • Our highly-dedicated team is here to assist and guide you with all questions, concerns and the right insurance plans.
  • Get low-cost coverage with low monthly premiums and favorable discounts.

The Insurance Express Solution

Like Pearl Insurance, Insurance Express is a true industry leader based in Boston. MA. Founded in 1994, we provide insurance products, financial services and professional consulting in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Florida. With years of extensive industry experience, we utilize state-of-the-art technologies to correlate with the current market trends. Similarly, our cutting-edge services deliver rapid response solutions that meet growing demands in the consumer marketplace.

As always, Insurance Express is deeply committed to meeting all our new and existing client’s needs. With knowledgeable, dedicated and professional insurance professionals – we truly go above and beyond to help you get the insurance you need.

Insurance Express Quotes

At Insurance Express, we offer instant quotes from Pearl Holdings, Ocean Harbor, Dairyland, Gainsco and more insurance companies. In fact, it’s as easy as visiting our site and entering your zip code. We then process your information and deliver timely insurance quotes for you and yours. With cheap auto insurance quotes online, you can save up to 65% of plans and policies right now. We deliver quotes within minutes and are always here to answer your insurance questions and concerns. You can also tap into a range of discounts on all available plans from leading insurers and agencies. This includes but is not limited to:

Low Mileage Insurance Discounts

Insurance Express features plans with low-mileage insurance discounts. This is perfect for those that recently retired or are now working from home. Similarly, if you carpooling to work – and not using your vehicle every day – this too is the perfect way to save mileage and tap into discounts. However, different providers do set different standards in regards to “low mileage” criteria. Usually, the scale runs between 7,500 and 15,000 miles per year. If you are driving less these days, simply ask up about low-mileage discounts and we will take care of the rest.

Good Student Insurance Discounts

Insurance DiscountsAdding teenagers to your insurance plan can result in premium increases of 50 to 100 percent. This can truly impact your wallet and monthly premium costs. However, did you know that your kids can qualify for good student insurance discounts? It’s as simple as them maintaining good grades in school. These discounts are for students with zero to six years of driving experience. They must also be enrolled in high school or college full-time in order to be eligible for these policies. While exact terms differ among insurers and providers, we will find the best student discounts that ensure maximum coverage – without impacting your wallet.

Student Away-at School Discounts

If your child is away or is heading to college, you can get your policy re-evaluated or re-rated. In fact, many companies offer student away-at school discounts as well. This is great for students that are occasional drivers, or simply away at college. If you are looking for substantial savings on your insurance plans, this one should not be ignored.

Association Membership Discounts

At Insurance Express, we can also connect you to association membership discounts. This includes AAA, along with professional trade groups and organizations. If you are a part of membership groups, you may be eligible to tap into a range of auto-insurance discounts. This can be up to five percent discount on existing plans, or even more, depending on the plan and association. Similarly, these discounts extend to your immediate family members as well.

For more information on car insurance discounts, simply contact us today or visit our website.