You already know that Fr44 insurance in South Florida is expensive but there are ways to drive the cost down. The non-owner policy will cost less, but which one do you need? We are going to spend some time today taking a look at the two options, but keep in mind that no matter how much information you glean from this article, there will be no substitute for giving us a call and talking through your current situation.

At the end of the day, there are many variables that go into choosing the right policy for your needs, and you need to understand that while your particular situation might be unique, it is not one that we haven’t run into yet. We deal with many cases and we’re certainly ready to handle yours. FR44 insurance non-owners will all have a similar experience, but there are going to be some noteworthy differences which we will cover for you right now.

A Different Experience for Everyone

Fr44 insurance in South Florida will be a different experience for every single person and with that being the case, we will need to sit down with you and discuss the specifics. We can tell you which policy you should be purchasing, and why – two things that many insurance companies tend to lack in when it comes to Fr44 insurance.

On the subject of differences, something important to keep in mind is that many insurance companies do follow state guidelines in requiring you to sign up for a six month period rather than paying monthly, but there are some instances where exceptions can be made. This will be entirely up to the insurance company, and it will need to be discussed as you are getting your plan worked out. On the subject of plans, however, which one should you be considering?

A Look at the Fr44 Non-Owner Policy

Florida FR44This is an insurance policy that is referred to as a Named-Operator Liability Policy. Essentially, this plan will allow you to operate a vehicle that you do not own. You will need to carry the 100/300/50 policy just as with the owner policy and if you want to make a claim, the coverage from the primary insurance on the vehicle you are driving will need to be fully exhausted. Keep in mind that this is a secondary insurance policy only, and it does not cover collision or comprehensive coverage. Non-owner policies get you legal and get you on the road, which is perfect for those individuals who do not have vehicles of their own.

Fr44 Owner Policies

An owner policy covers everything that you would have in a non-owner policy with the difference being that you can add your vehicle. In addition to that, you will have the option to add full coverage rather than saying with the liability coverage that is offered with the aforementioned plan. Purchasing an owner policy bumps you up to a primary policy, meaning that you will not have to worry about exhausting another primary insurance policy in the event you have an accident.

Ignition Interlock Devices

In some cases, in order to have your driving privileges restored, you will need to obtain an ignition interlock device which will ensure your compliance. This, however, is dependent upon you having proof of an FR44 insurance policy in South Florida which we can certainly help you with.

You are only a few steps away from getting your driving privileges restored. Give us a call today or stop by so we can help you to work out your quote!